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New water capture system in Governador Valadares (MG State): Construction works will have 15 fronts

Atualizado: 22 de fev. de 2021

The water security of the municipalities that had their water supply temporarily interrupted due to the Fundão dam collapse is one of the fronts on which the Renova Foundation operates. In Governador Valadares (MG State), the pipeline construction works are being accelerated: there are 6 work fronts working simultaneously at this moment, and the forecast is that 15 fronts will work at the same time in 2021, thus, optimizing delivery time. The construction of the new water capture system brings greater water security to the municipality, which now has two water sources to collect water. In addition, the work generates jobs and income for the city, and follows the guidelines of the World Health Organization on the new coronavirus.

All activities in the field follow safety measures, such as checking the temperature of employees daily, a minimum distance of two meters, mandatory use of a mask, in addition to maintaining a safe distance in relation to residents and pedestrians.

Job generation

To ensure the water security of Governador Valadares - fundamental for the economic and social development of the city and its planning for the future - the project is also generating jobs and income for the population.

The forecast is that, when they are at their peak, by the end of the first half of 2021, the construction works will generate around 550 jobs, fulfilling the goal of 70% of hiring local labor. Approximately 300 workers have already been mobilized.

Urban area

In January, the pipeline construction works reached the urban area through Doce River Avenue, at the São Paulo neighborhood. In February, there will be three working fronts acting simultaneously on different sections. In addition to Doce River Avenue, at São Paulo neighborhood, there will be works on Lincoln Byrro and Dona Zulmira Pereira da Silva streets, at the Bretas and São Paulo neighborhoods, respectively.

To alleviate the disturbs, local population is being informed about changes on the daily routine which will occur throughout the work. To clarify doubts and solve any problems, Renova Foundation has professionals to talk to the community in order to reduce any inconvenience caused by the works.

In addition to the points under construction on the urban stretch, there are working fronts in progress in the rural area - such as piping installation, transmission line (electricity) and crossings under the railway line constructions and streams. The work around ​​new water capture system at the Corrente Grande River is in the infrastructure and land preparation phases, and construction is scheduled to start in the first half of this year. The work is supervised by the Municipal Government of Governador Valadares and the Autonomous Water and Sewage Service (SAAE), which will be responsible for the management of the pipeline after its completion.

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