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3 questions for Fredy Brito, Project and Construction Manager at Renova Foundation

1. How important is the work to the city?

The construction of the Governador Valadares pipeline is a repair and compensatory action by the Renova Foundation. It will provide the municipality with a new water capture system, carried out from the Corrente Grande River, with the capacity to generate 900 liters of water per second. This is approximately the same volume SAAE currently withdraws from the Doce River. This will bring more water security to the municipality, which will have at its disposal two water sources for capture and will be meeting an old demand from the population.

2. How are the constructions works organized today in order to guarantee on-time delivery?

Currently, we have several working fronts in progress. In addition to the pipe’s installation in the urban section of Governador Valadares, we also have the placement of pipes in the rural area, the construction of crossings under the railway line and streams and the transmission line, which will guarantee the pipeline electricity, in addition to the works on the water capture. In total, there will be 15 fronts working simultaneously in 2021. It optimizes our time and ensures the schedule is met.

3. What precautions is the Renova Foundation taking during the construction works regarding community safety?

Several measures are being taken to alleviate the work disturbances. The local population is being informed about any traffic changes and there is a direct channel with the Renova Foundation to solve any problems that may arise. Any routine changes will also be communicated to the population in advance. Renova Foundation follows the World Health Organization guidelines to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and adopts a series of safety measures, such as daily measurement of the employees' temperature, minimum distance of 2 meters between them, mandatory use of masks and alcohol gel, among others.

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